LaSalle's Landing

LaSalle's Landing in Kenner

LaSalle’s Landing is located at the southernmost end of Williams Boulevard at the foot of levee. In 1682 the French explorer, Robert Cavalier De La Salle, landed in an Indian village later to be known as the city of Kenner. Proclaiming ownership in the name of Louis XIV, King of France, he erected a cypress cross to commemorate the historic event. This area boasts not only historical significance, but it also satisfies the curiosity in us all to witness the strength and power of the mighty Mississippi River. Trek up the levee and test your knowledge of Louisiana history as you stroll under the flags of ten different countries, all of which at some point governed our home state. Once at the top, visitors can soak in the sights of magnificent ships, tugboats and other vessels navigating the river. A well-maintained bike and walking path also awaits at the top for those seeking further adventure!

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